Overview of our Military function


On the field our Club is run like just like an actual army Company of the 1860's.  We maintain a chain of command on the field to ensure that everyone is safe, first and foremost, as this is a hobby.  Starting with our privates, working up into our staff of corporals, sergeants, and ending with our company commander.  We do strive for authenticity in our Civil War military impression, and use Hardee's Tactics.  At every event we spend time drilling, to learn the intricacies of soldiering and understanding commands. As as result this allows us to participate in some wonderful reenactments.

Saftey is a priority for our club because you cannot have fun if you get hurt! We fire blanks from our Black Powder weapons, but they can still cause harm so we require proper training and understanding in their use. As members of the ACWS we also enhance this with the clear rules provided by "The Pacific Area Civil War Reenactors".


Company F, 4th Texas Equipment List  

As time goes on each individual is required to provide their own Uniform and Equipment to participate in this hobby, even though we try to help out during your first year or two. Each participant will want to start by purchasing their own Uniform and Canteen. As time progresses you will want to aquire the rest of your items in the order that works best for you. Please keep in mind that the faster you aquire your own "kit", means the sooner that we can outfit new members who want to join our ranks.


Uniform of the Privates in the 4th shall consist of the following:

  1. Kepi or Forage (a.k.a. Bummer) Style Cap.
  2. 6 button Sack  or 7 button Shell Jacket grey Mix or Medium Grey wool.
  3. Grey Mix or Medium grey Wool Trousers.
  4. Issue pattern or civilian pattern wool or cotton shirt of period accurate design.
  5. Brogans or Jefferson Bootie Style Leather Footwear.
  6. Grey Rag Wool socks. 

Basic Kit (Accouterments)The Accouterments for the 4th shall consist of the following:

  1. Cartridge Box w/tins
  2. Leather Belt w/brass CS Plate
  3. Period accurate metal canteen (either “bull’s eye” or “smooth side”).
  4. Black-tarred Haversack (with roller buckle) or white canvas,.

The weapon and Bayonet for the 4th shall consist of the following:

  • The M1857 Enfield Rifled Musket is the preferred rifle for the 4th.
  • The M1855 or M1861 Springfield Rifled Musket may be used by members of the 4th
  • All other weapon types, including the M1863 Springfield, may only be used with approval of the Command Group.

Tentage for the 4th shall consist of the following:

  • The “A” frame wedge is most appropriate for all members of the 4th.
  • “Dog” tents may be used by members of the 4th.
  • “Campaign style” camping (no tent) may be used by members of the 4th.
  • Wall tents may only be used by ofiicers and civilians in the non-military area.

Other items that a soldier in the 4th will need to procure include:

  • Period Accurate Gray Wool Blanket.
  • Period Accurate “Gum” Blanket.
  • Period Accurate Eyewear (if applicable).
  • Period Accurate Eating Utensils.
  • Period Accurate Plate and Cup.
  • Period Accurate Personal Grooming Items.

Optional Items that a soldier in the 4th will find handy include:

  • Greatcoat (grey, infantry style).
  • Knapsack (double-bagged, tarred variety is accurate).
  • Waistcoat (a.k.a. vest).
  • Period Accurate Drawers (a.k.a. underwear)