Welcome to the new home of Company F of Hood's 4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, the "Mustang Greys (aka Sibley's 4th Texas Mounted Volunteers).



We are an American Civil War Reenacting club, and operate mostly in Southern California as part of the ACWS. Please visit their website for a complete list of events that we attend over the course of the year. In addition our membership is centralized in Southern Nevada, so we are also a core unit of the SNLHA and provide monthly programs at the Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park in Las Vegas, NV.

We are a family based organization, so we portray a mid to late war unit during winter quarters. This allows our civilian corp to setup as part of our encampment.

You can contact our Club Staff at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Infantry Regiment is unique, as both Regiments were founded in central Texas first under General Sibley (Mounted Volunteers), and later under General Hood (Volunteer Infantry). Our fellow clubs that reenact as either impression of our same regiment can be found below.

Company B (Hood's) is based in southeast Pennsylvania (USA) as part of the ANV.

Company B (Hood's) is based in the United Kingdom as part of England's ACWS.

Company B (Hood's) is based in Germany as part of the ACWR.

Company C (Sibley's) is based in southern New Mexico (USA) as part of the SCV.

Company E (Hood's) is based in southeast Michigan (USA) as part of the MLACWS.

Company E (Hood's) is based in northern California (USA) as part of the ACWA.

Company H (Hood's) is based in Oregon (USA) as part of the NCWC.

Company K (Hood's) is based in Austria as part of the UCR


Please feel free to contact us regarding information about other Clubs portraying the "Texas Brigade" aka the "Hood's Brigade": 1st TX, (4th TX), 5th TX, and either the 18th GA (1861-62),  Hampton's (SC) Legion (1862), or the 3rd AK (1862-64).


Our sister Federal unit, Company B of the 71st Pennsylvannia Volunteer Infantry, can be found here